Coldplay Review: Critics Summary


With fans and critics raving about Coldplay's sold out Viva La Vida Tour, remaining Coldplay tickets are selling fast!


Coldplay: Concert Tour

The reviews are in! Both critics and fans agree that Coldplay has found their place on the successful Viva La Vida World Tour. Fans with Coldplay tickets have heard a mix of Coldplay hit songs such as "In My Place," "Clocks," "Yellow," and "The Scientist." Fans with premium Coldplay tickets will see vocalist Chris Martin, drummer Will Champion, bassist Guy Berryman and guitarist Johnny Buckland perform one of the most visually and aurally amazing Coldplay shows in rock history. Order Coldplay tickets from and catch Coldplay's Viva La Vida Tour in a city near you!


Here's a list of what some reviewers are saying about Coldplay's Viva La Vida Tour:


Brian Cohen,


·        "The 90-minute show, complete with floating video globes, confetti and flashing laser beams, went heavy on new material in various different incarnations on multiple stages throughout the venue, including a two-song jaunt up in the top most colonnade of arena seats."

·        "Peppering new material with at least two songs from each of its previous three albums, Coldplay offered older hits like "Clocks" and "In My Place" early in the set."

·        "The group wisely ditched the orchestral backing tracks, albeit temporarily, for stripped-down versions of "Trouble" and "Speed of Sound," the latter of which sounded refreshingly under-rehearsed."



Darryl Morden,


·        "The sold-out crowd was pumped up and ready for every ooh-ahh sing-along opportunity, like the new "Viva la Vida," and also went wild for all those Martin piano ballads of romantic introspection."

·        "The two songs ["Yellow" and "Death Will Never Conquer"] brought the group and audience together more than all the light and video trappings and layered backing tracks earlier in the evening."

·        "The night's final numbers included an overdone "Fix You," with a church organ opening, and the galloping, U2-styled "Lovers in Japan," which came close to that epic heroism Coldplay is shooting for and just might achieve as the tour continues."



Sarah Rodman, Boston Globe:


·        Befitting their status as radio kings, thanks to the success of their fourth album "Viva La Vida," the quartet gave a big performance on a big stage with a big audience singing along to the big choruses.

·        The British hitmakers signed off with a giddy, high-energy performance that seemed as much for their own enjoyment as for the hyped-up, sold-out crowd.

·        Songs such as "Speed of Sound" and "In My Place" that sometimes come across as more placid and pleasant on record leapt off the stage thanks to the mighty efforts of [drummer Will] Champion and his similarly uncorked bandmates.

·        [Chris] Martin flailed about with his lunatic wobbliness during such stompers as "Viva La Vida" - taut and soaring with timpani and bells - and rocked like a madman behind the piano teasing out the curlicue riffs of "Clocks."


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