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Coldplay History


Coldplay's fourth studio album, Viva La Vida, marks a change in sound for mellow rockers Coldplay.


Coldplay: Early Years

Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, and Will Champion formed Coldplay in 1996 while going to University in London. The young band quickly established themselves in the tough music market in London as they finished their degrees. After passing around their demo for a few years, Coldplay finally landed an independent record deal. With only a little bit of funding, Coldplay managed to turn out EP Brothers and Sisters in only a few days.

Coldplay eventually moved to the historic Parlophone record label which had produced such crossover acts as the Beatles and Queen in the past. With a new record label backing them, Coldplay released their EP The Blue Room. Single "Bigger Stronger" had been previously released by Coldplay but did not have proper backing. The new marketing and distribution of "Bigger Stronger" and The Blue Room set the stage for superstardom that even Coldplay themselves couldn't imagine.

Coldplay: Parachutes

The first full-length album by Coldplay Parachutes made the band almost an overnight success in the U.K. Coldplay was influenced by the previous generation of British rockers during the Grunge era and carried with them a style of early Radiohead into the recording studio. It would be the soft lyrics of mellow single "Yellow" that not only broke Coldplay big in the United Kingdom but in the United States and the world at large. It did not take long for Coldplay tickets to become the hottest entertainment items in all of Western Europe.

On the strength of "Yellow," Coldplay would go on to release many other hit singles from Parachutes. "Don't Panic" had been released in Coldplay's indie days but charted big. Other singles like "Shiver" and "Trouble" also built the following of Coldplay around the world. It was in this time that Coldplay began to refine their stage performances as well and brought in a little more theatrics and effects into their live show. "Yellow" became the crossover hit of the year and brought in fans from all ages and genres. Parachutes went double platinum.

Coldplay: Mainstream Success

The initial success of Parachutes would seem small compared to how the following Coldplay album, A Rush of Blood to the Head would fare on the charts. Single "Clocks" was originally to be on the cutting-room floor but was kept in at the last second. This was a great twist of fate for Coldplay as "Clocks" became a powerful musical force and drove sales of albums and Coldplay tickets through the roof. "Clocks" not only gave Coldplay commercial success but also a slew of awards including a Grammy.

The appeal of A Rush of Blood to the Head did not stop with "Clocks". Coldplay single "The Scientist" also jumped up the charts and became an infectious radio staple and was also a big hit on the music video channels. Coldplay's "A Rush of Blood to the Head" tour spanned five continents and made Coldplay tickets some of the most difficult tickets to find in every corner of the globe. "In My Place" completed a powerful single trifecta that made Coldplay and singer Chris Martin international superstars. 

Coldplay: X&Y

Coldplay took a big risk with their 2005 album XY by shifting their style and sound more to Electronica. Many thought that the different sound would alienate the Coldplay faithful but XY did the exact opposite. Single "The Speed of Sound" became a worldwide phenomena and pushed XY and Coldplay to new heights. The international success came to a head when XY was recognized as the best selling album in the world in 2005.

The success of Coldplay and XY continued thanks to singles like "Talk", "Fix You", and "The Hardest Part". The demand for Coldplay tickets also hit the roof with the sold-out world tour known as "The Twisted Logic Tour". With five legs and over 120 shows, the Twisted Logic Tour brought a whole new spectacle to the Coldplay concert. With the success of the Twisted Logic Tour and XY as a whole, Coldplay established itself as the premier band in the world.

Coldplay: Viva La Vida

With one of the largest fanbases in the world it took only a few weeks for the 2008 Coldplay album Viva La Vida or Death and All his Friends to sell a million copies. Single "Violet Hill" gave Coldplay their first-ever No. 1 single in the United States. "Violet Hill" jumped to the top of charts on every country in the world and the place of Coldplay as the world's favorite band was cemented once again. Single "Viva La Vida" was another smash international hit for Coldplay.

Coldplay began an epic tour of North America in 2008 and had tour dates from Southern California up to the top of Canada. Coldplay appears to be changing their sound once again with Viva La Vida, but these experimentations have done nothing to slow Coldplay tickets from becoming some of the top tickets in the world. With tour dates scheduled for Britain next, Coldplay is ready to wow the world again with their amazing live show.


Coldplay: Greatest Hits


·        "Politik" from the A Rush of Blood to the Head album

·        "Trouble" from the Parachutes album

·        "Yellow" from the Parachutes album

·        "Clocks" from the A Rush of Blood to the Head album

·        "Don't Panic" from the Parachutes album

·        "Fix You" from the X&Y album

·        "Amsterdam" from the A Rush of Blood to the Head album

·        "We Never Change" from the Parachutes album

·        "The Scientist" from the A Rush of Blood to the Head album

·        "Shiver" from the Parachutes album

·        "In My Place" from the A Rush of Blood to the Head album

·        "Square One" from the X&Y album

·        "Speed of Sound" from the X&Y album

·        "Violet Hill" from the Viva La Vida album

·        "Viva La Vida" from the Viva La Vida album

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