BCS Championship History: Celebrating 10 Years

The BCS Championship has given fans classic games, mega stars, and crowned the best in the college football.


BCS Championship Game: Beginnings

After decades of number crunching and off-the-field decisions, it became clear in the 1990s that the world of college football needed a way to truly recognize the best team in the land. After long debates that still carry over to this day, the BCS National Championship Game was designated and first played in 1999. College football fans may not agree on all the factors and rankings that decide the game, but they cannot stop themselves from buying BCS Championship Game tickets all the same.

If nothing else, the BCS Championship has produced parity as no team has repeated as champion back to back. The SEC and Big 12 have sent a combined nine teams to the BCS National Championship Game with the SEC being undefeated. The BCS Championship Game has also featured some of the best college football teams of all time, including the legendary 2001 Miami Hurricanes and the 2005 Texas Longhorns. Fans with BCS National Championship Game tickets have seen NFL stars like Vince Young, Andre Johnson, and Reggie Bush minted under the spotlight.

BCS Championship Game: 1999

The 1999 Fiesta Bowl had the honor of being the first-ever official BCS National Championship Game and hosted the Tennessee Volunteers and the Florida State Seminoles. Even after losing the great QB Peyton Manning to graduation the year before, the 1998 Tennessee Volunteers rallied around QB Tee Martin and WR Peerless Price as well as the running-back duo of Jamal Lewis and Travis Henry. 

Fans lined up for days to buy the first BCS National Championship Game tickets and knew they would be witnesses to history. The 1998 Fiesta Bowl did not disappoint and was a good preview of what was to come. The Florida State Seminoles of Bobby Bowden fought hard but were no match for the offensive onslaught of the Tennessee Volunteers as the BCS Championship was decided by a score of 23-16. This would set the precedent for the SEC domination in the BCS National Championship Game and also put down the common theme of speed defeating power.

BCS Championship Game: 2000-2001

The Florida State Seminoles returned to the BCS Championship Game in 2000, and this time the trophy was firmly in their sights. Against the Cinderella Virginia Tech Hokies and QB Michael Vick, the heavily favored Florida State Seminoles nearly lost the big game once again. Fans with BCS National Championship Game tickets saw the Florida State Seminoles drop 18 unanswered points in the fourth quarter to not only take the lead by blow out their opponent.

Florida State Seminoles fans who bought BCS Championship Game tickets expecting a repeat in 2001 were thrilled when their team returned to the big game. Another BCS Championship was not to be as the Oklahoma Sooners crushed them 13-2 in a defensive struggle. This was seen as one of the biggest upsets in college football history, and the trend of No. 1 ruling the roost was gone. The Oklahoma Sooners would be no strangers to the BCS Championship as they would go three more times.

BCS Championship Game: 2002-2005

Like all fans of college football knew, no one could stand in front of the 2001 Miami Hurricanes football team. Led by countless future NFL Pro Bowlers like Andre Johnson, Ed Reed, and Clinton Portis, the Miami Hurricanes put up one of the most lopsided scores in BCS National Championship history with a score of 37-14 over the Nebraska Cornhuskers. After losing a lot of their talent to the NFL Draft, including TE Jeremy Shockey, the 2002 Miami Hurricanes could not repeat and lost the 2002 BCS Championship to the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Fans with BCS National Championship Game tickets broke Louisiana Superdome attendance records to see the LSU Tigers of Nick Sabin defeat the Oklahoma Sooners of Bob Stoops in a close 21-14 contest at the 2004 Sugar Bowl. The Oklahoma Sooners' BCS Championship hopes were dashed again in 2005 as they fell easily to the offensive battery of the USC Trojans led by Heisman-winning QB Matt Leinart and deadly RBs Reggie Bush and LenDale White. Like previous winners, the USC Trojans were picked to repeat.

BCS Championship Game: 2006

Returning basically their entire offense, the 2005 USC Trojans team was tabbed to be perhaps the best college football team in history. They rolled over their competition without breaking a sweat and gained a second Heisman Trophy winner in RB Reggie Bush. With so much talent on one squad and a pair of Heisman Trophies to boot, the USC Trojans seemed unstoppable. They would meet their match in the 2005 Texas Longhorns. BCS Championship Game tickets sold out the Rose Bowl as many billed it as a classic game.

The 2005 BCS National Championship Game would outperform any hype and would go down as the best college football game of all time. Under the leadership of QB Vince Young, the Texas Longhorns logged an improbable fourth-quarter comeback and shocked the world with a 41-38 victory. With both of these great teams losing a lot of their talent to the NFL Draft, fans from all over waited to see if their team would cash their BCS Championship Game tickets.

BCS Championship Game: 2007-2008

The Ohio State Buckeyes reached the BCS National Championship Game twice in 2007 and 2008, only to have their heads handed to them by the firepower and speed of the SEC. Led by Chris Leak, the 2006 Florida Gators dropped a 41-14 drubbing on Jim Tressel's team while the 2007 LSU Tigers followed it up with a score of 38-24. With serious speed and several top teams, the SEC was deemed to be the best conference in football, and fans from every powerhouse were ready to buy 2009 BCS Championship Game tickets.

BCS Championship Game: 2009

The SEC will indeed return to the BCS Championship Game as QB Tim Tebow leads the Florida Gators. Across the line from him will be the newly minted Heisman Trophy winner QB Sam Bradford of the Oklahoma Sooners. The Big 12 and the SEC have won the last three BCS Championships, and this trend will continue. With two Heisman Trophy QBs in the mix, 2009 BCS Championship Game tickets are sure to be passes to see an offensive duel that could match even the lofty 2005 Rose Bowl in the annals of BCS Championship history.

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