BCS National Championship Game Preview


Heisman-hopeful QBs Sam Bradford & Tim Tebow lead their teams on the biggest stage in college football.


BCS Championship Overview

January 8, 2009, has been circled on calendars across the nation all year as fans waited for their favorite team to come out on top of the BCS rankings. After many upsets and surprises, the two teams left standing at the top are the No. 1 Oklahoma Sooners and the No. 2 Florida Gators. Coach Bob Stoops of the Oklahoma Sooners and Coach Irving Meyer of the Florida Gators have both won the BCS National Championship before and look to do so with explosive offenses. Fans with BCS National Championship Game tickets will see a flurry of offense in Miami, Florida.

Oklahoma Sooners Offense:

As the No. 1 scoring offense in the nation, the Oklahoma Sooners light up the scoreboards with the third-best passing attack in all of college football. QB Sam Bradford is the center of this offense and hopes to be a Heisman Trophy winner. The Oklahoma Sooners boast three senior WRs, led by Juaquin Iglesias, carving up defenses. RBs Demarco Murray and Chris Brown both have 1,000 yards on the season and run behind a great offensive line. They may not get much credit, but the monsters in the trenches cashed in the Oklahoma Sooners BCS National Championship tickets.

Oklahoma Sooners Defense:

Defensive tackles DeMarcus Granger and Gerald McCoy are a force in the front seven of the Oklahoma Sooners. DE Auston English is a great pass rusher and has recovered fully from injury. The Oklahoma Sooners built their linebacking corps around speed to match up against the various spread offenses of the Big 12, with SLB Keenan Clayton being the fastest of them all. The Oklahoma Sooners secondary has also stepped up its game to match intense passing attacks with four-year starter S Nic Harris acting as the captain of the athletic unit.

Florida Gators Offense:

Florida Gators QB Tim Tebow will probably sell out half the BCS National Championship Game tickets by himself thanks to his Heisman Trophy and dynamic playing ability. Possibly the best player in college football, Tim Tebow is a fiery leader who pounds teams with his running and throwing abilities. The return of RB/WR Percy Harvin adds a new dimension to the spread-option attack as no person on the field can match the speed of the flying Florida Gator. TE Aaron Hernandez has really shined as of late and his emergence has been key to the Florida Gators success.

Florida Gators Defense:

Fans with BCS National Championship Game tickets will be treated to one of the best linebackers in football as Florida Gators MLB Brandon Spikes shows a national stage his deadly speed and high IQ. DT Brandon Antwine does a good job soaking up blockers so that Brandon Spikes can get after the running back. The Florida Gators DEs are light but hunt the passer with unmatched ferocity and mobility. There are no starting seniors on the Florida Gators defense, but they have great natural talent, especially in S Ahmad Black and CB Janoris Jenkins.

Oklahoma Sooners Game Plan

Offensively, the No. 1 priority is protecting Sam Bradford. With three senior WRs matched up against sophomores and freshmen in the Florida Gators secondary, the QB is bound to find a ton of targets down field. Running the ball with Chris Brown and DeMarco Murray will help open things up even more. The Oklahoma Sooners have to keep account of MLB Brandon Spikes because he can make plays on the run or in the pass. If he can be protected, fans with BCS National Championship Game tickets could see Sam Bradford have a record-setting day.

Tim Tebow is the Florida Gators' offense, and he has to be stopped. Tim Tebow is at his most dangerous outside the pocket, and he needs to be contained. If the Oklahoma Sooners DEs can maintain outside contain and the DTs can get middle penetration, then Tim Tebow's greatest strength is taken away. Like Brandon Spikes, the Oklahoma Sooners have to account for Percy Harvin wherever he lines up on the field as his speed makes him a threat on every touch. TE Aaron Hernandez is another wildcard that must be kept in check.

Florida Gators Keys to Victory:

Tim Tebow has carried the Florida Gators to the BCS National Championship Game, and he must continue to make plays. Injuries to the MLB spot of the Oklahoma Sooners have presented a gift to Tim Tebow as he should find a weaker middle. The two DTs will be a problem for the Florida Gators line, and they cannot be allowed to get up field. Whether it's in the slot or in the backfield, Percy Harvin also needs to have a big game. When the Oklahoma Sooners bite on play-action, Percy Harvin has to get deep and make the catch if the Florida Gators want a chance.

Brandon Spikes is a one-man war machine but cannot win the game by himself. On running plays the defensive line needs to keep the blockers away from Brandon Spikes so he can makes plays. As MLB, Brandon Spikes will also have to read off offense and make sure his young secondary knows what's coming. Getting to Sam Bradford and disrupting his rhythm with his receivers is the only way the Florida Gators have a chance. Florida Gators fans with BCS National Championship Game tickets know that their defense must force turnovers to win the game.

BCS National Championship Outlook:

Featuring the No. 1 and No. 3 scoring offenses in the NCAA, BCS National Championship Game tickets are sure to give fans a thrilling offensive duel that could surpass 100 combined points. Sam Bradford and Tim Tebow are neck and neck in the Heisman race, and anyone in the stands of Dolphin Stadium will see a titanic battle of two great QBs. The running style of Tim Tebow and the pure pocket passing of Sam Bradford also headline a meeting of old-school and cutting-edge offensive strategies.

The one thing that stands out above all the matchups is the experience of the Oklahoma Sooners receivers against the young guns of the Florida Gators. The secondary has been battletested all year long, but they have yet to tangle with a QB like Sam Bradford or wideouts like Juaquin Iglesias or Manuel Johnson. Both offenses should be able to move the ball at will, but the ability for the big play is squarely in the hip pocket of the Oklahoma Sooners. Fans with BCS National Championship Game tickets will see the Oklahoma Sooners win in a classic shootout.

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