2005 Texas Longhorns Football Team


The 2005 Texas Longhorns football team broke records and brought the BCS Championship to Austin!


Texas Longhorns: BCS Quest

After quarterback Vince Young took them to the Rose Bowl in 2004, fans with Texas Longhorns tickets thought that the 2005 Texas Longhorns football team was perhaps the best in Longhorns history. Only a few starters from the 2004 squad graduated, and the core of the team was intact. Vince Young was getting a lot of attention and was seen as a Heisman hopeful if he could get Mack Brown's spread offense going.

The Texas Longhorns schedule was not an easy one. Besides having to deal with the tough Big 12, they also had to go into the home of the Ohio State Buckeyes in a matchup that would determine the rest of the BCS rankings for the year. The Texas Longhorns were ranked No. 2 in the nation, but all of the attention was on the No. 1 ranked USC Trojans. The 2005 USC Trojans were known as possibly the best college team ever and dominated all the college football press.

Texas Longhorns: Ohio State

The Texas Longhorns easily handled the Louisiana Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns and prepared to face the No. 4 Ohio State Buckeyes in their home stadium in Columbus, Ohio. The Ohio State Buckeyes were led by future Heisman Trophy winner QB Troy Smith along with WRs Ted Ginn, Santonio Holmes, and OLB A.J. Hawk. Vince Young and the Texas Longhorns would have a tough fight on their hands, and the National Championship berth was on the line early in the season.

The first half was an offensive explosion that saw the Ohio State Buckeyes take a 16-13 lead. Vince Young was pressured all day and several turnovers were forced. The game would establish two things that would be big factors in the National Championship run. One was the power of the Texas Longhorns defense and the other was the clutch ability of Vince Young. With time running out in the fourth quarter down 22-16, Vince Young marched the Texas Longhorns down the field and made a breathtaking touchdown pass to WR Limas Sweed.

The Texas Longhorns defense came alive thanks to this performance and got after the Ohio State Buckeyes. Troy Smith was bottled up and sacked in the end zone for a safety, and the Texas Longhorns came out of Ohio Stadium still ranked No. 2 in the nation. Fans with Texas Longhorns tickets were angry at the snubbing of their team for the No. 1 spot, but the sheer dominance of the USC Trojans kept the Men of Troy atop the BCS rankings.

Texas Longhorns: Ruling The Big 12

With the monkey of the Ohio State Buckeyes off their backs, the Texas Longhorns still had to navigate the Big 12 and its dangerous teams. Vince Young and the 2005 Texas Longhorns put a beating on the likes of the Rice Owls and Mizzou Tigers before blowing out the Oklahoma Sooners in the Red River Rivalry. The 45-12 drubbing of the Oklahoma Sooners in the Red River Rivalry was a sweet victory for fans with Texas Longhorns tickets as they had been subject to many years of losses in the biggest game in Texas.

The Texas Longhorns did not slow down as they cut through two ranked teams in the Colorado Buffaloes and Texas Tech Red Raiders. The Lone Star Showdown between the Texas Longhorns and the Texas A&M Aggies was a flat-out mugging with the Longhorns winning 40-29. The Texas Longhorns set a Big 12 Championship Game record when they destroyed the Colorado Buffaloes again, this time 70-3. The 2005 Texas Longhorns football team had already grown to legendary proportions in Austin and Vince Young was seen as the Burnt Orange savior by fans with Texas Longhorns tickets.

Texas Longhorns: Heisman Snub

The Texas Longhorns were set to face the No. 1 USC Trojans in the 2006 Rose Bowl, but the two teams would have a confrontation at the Heisman Trophy podium first. Vince Young had amassed a ridiculous amount of yards and points and was clearly the heart of the 2005 Texas Longhorns. The USC Trojans had two Heisman nominees in QB Matt Leinart and RB Reggie Bush. Fans with Texas Longhorns tickets were outraged when the Heisman Trophy was awarded to Reggie Bush and saw the 2006 Rose Bowl as the perfect spot for revenge.

Texas Longhorns: 2006 Rose Bowl

The 2006 Rose Bowl was a meeting of two great teams but no one knew just how good the game would be. The USC Trojans had two Heisman winners in the backfield in Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush. The USC Trojans offense featured one of the best offensive lines in the nation and also had RB LenDale White and WRs Dwayne Jarrett and Steve Smith. The Texas Longhorns defense would have their work cut out for them.

The Texas Longhorns defense smothered the USC Trojans in the first half thanks to the effort of safeties Michael Griffin and Michael Huff along with beefy DT Frank Okam. Fans with Texas Longhorns tickets watched Vince Young lead the Texas Longhorns to 16 points in the second quarter to go into halftime up 16-13. The lead was minimal, but it had filled the Texas Longhorns with confidence. The USC Trojans came back in the third quarter, and Matt Leinart was on fire against the secondary while the huge LenDale White hammered the Texas Longhorns defense.

The USC Trojans dominated the start of the fourth quarter of the 2006 Rose Bowl, and with only six minutes left, the Texas Longhorns found themselves down by two scores. Vince Young took the team on his back and gained all 69 yards for a touchdown. The Texas Longhorns defense came up big and stuffed the powerful LenDale White on fourth down to give the ball back to Vince Young. After facing two third-and-longs, it came down to fourth down with just over 10 seconds left. Vince Young scrambled and broke free for an eight-yard touchdown run that gave the Texas Longhorns the National Championship and sent fans with Texas Longhorns tickets into a frenzy!

Texas Longhorns: National Champions

Fans who had Texas Longhorns tickets for years had always dreamed of this day, and for the win to come in possibly the best college football game of all time was icing on the cake. The win made Vince Young a god in Texas, and his No. 10 jersey would eventually be retired by the Texas Longhorns. The 2005 Texas Longhorns football team would set the standard for BCS Championship teams and would live on as one of the best sports teams of all time. 

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