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Rich Franklin Biography


UFC tickets feature the former math teacher punishing opponents with a style like nothing else in the sport of MMA.

Rich Franklin: Profile & Stats

Full Name: Rich "Ace" Franklin

Nationality: American

Height: 6-foot-1

Weight: 205 pounds.

Classification: Middleweight/ Light Heavyweight

Fighting Style(s) Used: Freestyle

Current Record: 24-3


IFC Light Heavyweight Champion

UFC Middleweight Champion

Rich Franklin: Doing The Math

With a master's degree in education, there is no doubt that Rich Franklin has one of the highest IQs in the MMA ranks. While working as a math teacher, Rich Franklin discovered the world of MMA through a few chance incidents. Always a natural athlete, Rich Franklin began to train in various martial arts. Though he did not focus on one style in particular, he began to form his own style of fighting. An amalgamation of various forms, Rich Franklin's "Freestyle" gave him an edge over traditional opponents.

Rich Franklin: Freestyle

Rich Franklin devised his fighting style from many sources, including Street Fighting, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Muay Thai. Though he is not a master of any of these ancient techniques, Rich Franklin does interlock their strengths and weaknesses to make a true mixed martial art. Few fighters in modern MMA use this unprofessional approach, and this made Rich Franklin an unknown factor in every match he had against traditional opponents.

Rich Franklin began to fight after only four months of training and quickly found that he had a knack in the ring. After going professional in 2000, the former math teacher would carve a bloody path through the light-heavyweight circuit of the independent American MMA scene, climaxing in the taking of the IFC Light Heavyweight Championship. Fans with UFC tickets who kept an eye on the smaller organizations were impressed by the striking power of the unorthodox fighter who handed defeat after defeat to opponents with a decade or more of training over him.

Rich Franklin: Ultimate Fighter

Fans with UFC tickets got their first look of Rich Franklin in 2003 when the unknown fighter debuted at UFC 42. The vaunted striking power of Rich Franklin did not disappoint as he knocked out his opponent in the first round. In his second fight Rich Franklin again aced his opponent with powerful strikes from the mounted position. UFC decided that the teaching background would make Rich Franklin the perfect candidate to coach The Ultimate Fighter 2. 

Rich Franklin: UFC Champion

The Ultimate Fighter put Rich Franklin firmly in the minds of fans with UFC tickets, and he quickly shot up the UFC Middleweight ranks. A vicious bout for the UFC Middleweight Championship between Rich Franklin and fellow Freestyle fighter Evan Tanner went four rounds and ended in a doctor stoppage in favor of Rich Franklin.  Several opponents would try and fail to take the UFC Middleweight Title from his waist, but Rich Franklin outbrawled them all.

Rich Franklin finally lost his title in only the second loss of his career to the dangerous Anderson Silva. A strong rivalry developed between the two fighters, and fans with UFC tickets wanted to see them go at it again. After two more wins, Rich Franklin clawed his way into a title bout against Anderson Silva a full year after their first meeting. The fight quickly went to the ground and neither fighter gave an inch. The fight ultimately swung in the way of Anderson Silva as he crushed Rich Franklin with a devastating knee.

Rich Franklin: UFC 93

After his battles with Anderson Silva, Rich Franklin was ready to take his frustrations out on the Middleweight ranks of UFC, much to the delight of fans with UFC tickets. Two unfortunate fighters drew Rich Franklin on their fight card and caught a beating by the Freestyle fighter. Having already faced Anderson Silva twice, Rich Franklin looked to the weight class that first made him famous in the indies, the light-heavyweight division. His first opponent in this comeback will be against former PRIDE FC Champion Dan Henderson at UFC 93.

It will be the ultimate contrast of styles as the Freestyle Rich Franklin meets the Olympic wrestler Dan Henderson in Dublin, Ireland. Fans in Ireland have a rare chance to buy UFC tickets in their homeland, and fans worldwide can also travel to Dublin to see UFC history. Pitting the best pure striker in UFC, Rich Franklin, against one of the top grapplers in the world will be a treat for fans of both styles, and UFC 93 will play into the spirit of MMA. Fans with UFC 93 tickets will see a classic match with an old-school feel in Dublin, Ireland.

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