Owen Daniels Biography

The versatile athlete Owen Daniels gives a new dimension to the Houston Texans offense.


Owen Daniels: Growing Up
Born in 1982 in Berwyn, Illinois, Owen Daniels gained a reputation as one of the top pure athletes in the state. Owen Daniels was a star quarterback and basketball player for the Naperville Central High School Redhawks. Even at this early age, Owen Daniels showed the clutch ability and leadership that would make him an NFL star. Owen Daniels led the Redhawks to a State Championship in football and got them an undefeated season. Owen Daniels was not able to play his senior season due to a knee injury.

Owen Daniels: Wisconsin Badgers
Owen Daniels was originally recruited by the Wisconsin Badgers to be a quarterback. The pure athletic gifts and leadership ability impressed coach Barry Alvarez enough to overlook the serious knee injury Owen Daniels had suffered as a senior. As a redshirt freshman, Owen Daniels saw time as a backup QB, but it was soon thought that his natural ability would be better suited elsewhere on the field. Owen Daniels moved into a variety of positions that ranged from wide receiver to H-Back. Tight end became the best fit for the tough Owen Daniels.

Owen Daniels: 2006 NFL Draft
While fans with Houston Texans tickets were in an uproar over the drafting of Mario Williams over Reggie Bush and Vince Young, Owen Daniels was quietly taken in the fourth round by the Houston Texans. MLB DeMeco Ryans and RT Eric Winston also came off the board with little fanfare. Fans didn't know it, but the quartet of draft picks would be the basis for the Houston Texans' entire new football philosophy.

Owen Daniels: 2006 Houston Texans
New Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak was trying to install his own system in Houston and needed players that fit his style of offense. Owen Daniels was initially third on the depth chart but quickly played himself into a starting role as well as the hearts of fans with Houston Texans tickets. With the instincts and intelligence of a quarterback and the speed and hands of a wide receiver, Owen Daniels was the perfect TE for Gary Kubiak.

Houston Texans QB David Carr found Owen Daniels to be his favorite target, and the young TE was open often thanks to teams focusing on WR Andre Johnson. Owen Daniels was the lone bright spot on the 2006-07 Houston Texans football team as the adjustment to the new schemes was hard. Owen Daniels still roped in five touchdowns and always came up big on third downs. This clutch ability and a warm personality made Owen Daniels a favorite of fans with Houston Texans tickets.

Owen Daniels: 2007 Houston Texans
Quarterback David Carr was released and replaced by QB Matt Schaub. Owen Daniels and WR Andre Johnson quickly bonded with Matt Schaub and backup QB Sage Rosenfels. The Houston Texans football team was unable to find a running game so it was up to Owen Daniels to make up for it with short receptions that he could turn into big gains. WR Andre Johnson was injured for around half of the season, and Owen Daniels was forced to carry more of the load.

Matt Schaub also suffered a series of injuries and eventually wound up on IR. Owen Daniels and backup QB Sage Rosenfels won over fans with Houston Texans tickets as they carried the team on their backs at times. With DE Mario Williams and MLB DeMeco Ryans emerging as the leaders of the defense, the Houston Texans finished at a franchise best 8-8, and there was plenty of hope for the future thanks to young stars like Owen Daniels taking leadership roles. Owen Daniels' stats for the 2007-08 season were impressive, and he racked up almost 800 yards receiving.

Owen Daniels: 2008 Houston Texans
The Houston Texans offense received a double dose of help from the 2008 NFL Draft in the form of LT Duane Brown and RB Steve Slaton. Duane Brown protected the quarterback well for a rookie and gave either Sage Rosenfels or Matt Schaub time to throw. Owen Daniels benefited the most from Steve Slaton, however, as the rookie runner established a great running game and was a target in the flats. This enabled Owen Daniels and Andre Johnson to run wild on deeper routes, and both sliced through opposing secondaries.

Owen Daniels has been a big part in pushing the Houston Texans to be one of the top offenses in the NFL. Fans with Houston Texans tickets are always rewarded with explosive offensive showings in every game. QB Matt Schaub suffered a cheap shot and could be done for the year with a knee injury. With Sage Rosenfels at quarterback, it will be up to Owen Daniels, Steve Slaton, and Andre Johnson to carry the Houston Texans football team to victory in 2008.

Owen Daniels: Pro Bowl
Owen Daniels has narrowly missed the Pro Bowl once, and he is having another great season. Fans with Houston Texans tickets will be voting along with thousands of other fans to get Owen Daniels into the Pro Bowl. Sure to put up great stats every game, Owen Daniels will be bound for Honolulu one day, hopefully sooner rather than later. As part of a budding offense, the sky is the limit for a great team player like Owen Daniels. 

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