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Trans Siberian Orchestra History: (1996-)


Trans Siberian Orchestra has joined musical genius and classic Christmas music for more than a decade.


Trans Siberian Orchestra: Formation


Writer/producer Paul O'Neill earned a reputation as a kingmaker in the music business of the 1980s by launching the careers of bands like The Scorpions while also bringing bands like AC/DC and Aerosmith back to prominence. Paul O'Neill quickly gained a reputation as an international promoter of music as well. This international experience helped lay the ground work for the Trans Siberian Orchestra.


Things were truly set in motion when Paul O'Neill tried his hand at composing and songwriting, and his focus moved towards creating a "Rock Opera". While writing and producing for the band Savatage, Paul O'Neill met sound master Robert Kinkel and vocalist Jon Oliva. The trio began tossing around the idea for a musical group that could unite various people through the shared form of music. The end result of this was the Trans Siberian Orchestra.


Trans Siberian Orchestra: Christmas


The first Trans Siberian Orchestra album that the trio worked on was Christmas Eve and Other Stories. Trans Siberian Orchestra became a project to mix the universal appeal of Christmas songs with the growing art form of the Rock Opera. The idea of fusing progressive and experimental Rock with Christmas Music was looked at as a peculiar mix, but all doubters fell by the way side when Trans Siberian Orchestra tickets began to fly out of box offices.


Christmas Eve and Other Stories was a double-platinum success and officially moved Trans Siberian Orchestra into the mainstream. The sales of Trans Siberian Orchestra tickets matched the sales of Christmas Eve and Other Stories, and the experience of a Trans Siberian Orchestra concert pushed even more attention onto the band which had grown to include a 60-person orchestra and around a dozen vocalists.


The signature song of the Trans Siberian Orchestra from the Christmas Eve and Other Stories was "Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24". A touching musical ballad that mixed beautiful cello, "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen", and "Carol of the Bells", "Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24 showed the power and emotion that could be projected by the Trans Siberian Orchestra.


Trans Siberian Orchestra: Canon


After the platinum success of Christmas Eve and Other Stories and the massive sales of Trans Siberian Orchestra tickets, great pressure was on Paul O'Neill to follow up the critical masterpiece. In 1998, Trans Siberian Orchestra released their second album Christmas Attic which was even more ambitious and experimental than Christmas Eve and Other Stories. "Christmas Canon" showed that Trans Siberian Orchestra was growing into its own with deeper melodies and more complex harmonies.


The Trans Siberian Orchestra also embraced a theme of joy and harmony that brought a much happier mood to the album. With songs like "Boughs of Holly" and "The Music Box" Trans Siberian Orchestra also showed off their musical versatility. The stage production at Trans Siberian Orchestra concerts also increased and incorporated more theatrics and graphic displays. The critically acclaimed stage event and the unmatched power of their concerts drove The Christmas Attic to platinum sales and made Trans Siberian Orchestra tickets nearly impossible to find.


Trans Siberian Orchestra: Beethoven


In an effort to stay fresh musically, the Trans Siberian Orchestra took a break from Christmas Music and focused on a true opera. Beethoven's Last Night was an all-original composition by the Trans Siberian Orchestra that followed a dark concept. Telling the fictional story of Ludwig Van Beethoven fighting the Devil for his soul, the album was a very different way of approaching the sound that the Trans Siberian Orchestra had pioneered. "Requiem (the Fifth)" showed that the Trans Siberian Orchestra could interpret classic works as well. 


Trans Siberian Orchestra: Holiday


After the experimentation of Beethoven's Last Night the Trans Siberian Orchestra returned once again to the realm of Christmas Music. The Lost Christmas Eve was released in 2004, and the storyline of the album was the most complex of The Christmas Trilogy. A direct story piece of original material, The Lost Christmas Eve took the lessons learned from the previous Trans Siberian Orchestra albums, and the narrative was by far the strongest. The Lost Christmas Eve was another platinum hit.


The Trans Siberian Orchestra also put together its biggest and best touring and performing package. Vocalist Jennifer Cella stood out in particular, and she has become the most popular singer in all of the Trans Siberian Orchestra. Jennifer Cella gained her popularity with fantastic vocals on Trans Siberian Orchestra songs like "Christmas Canon". The Trans Siberian Orchestra has also drawn in many great performers like Mark Wood and Al Pitrelli.


Trans Siberian Orchestra: Future


The release of the next Trans Siberian Orchestra album Night Castle has been delayed for years. After a long time and many changes Night Castle is in the final stages of production and will be ready by the holiday season. In celebration of Night Castle Trans Siberian Orchestra will tour in support of the album with the rare Trans Siberian Orchestra tour dates being early Christmas presents for millions of fans.


As the Holiday Season approaches and the anticipation mounts for Night Castle, the demand for Trans Siberian Orchestra tickets has never been higher. It has been a long time since the trio of Robert Kinkel, Jon Oliva, and Paul O'Neill has been together, and Trans Siberian Orchestra fans are finally being rewarded for their patience. Trans Siberian Orchestra concerts always feature hits from the Christmas Trilogy and Beethoven's Last Night so the addition of new material from Night Castle can only deepen the musical tapestry.


Trans Siberian Orchestra: Hits


·        "Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24" from the Christmas Eve and Other Songs album.

·        "A Mad Russian's Christmas" from the Christmas Eve and Others Songs album.

·        "Christmas Canon" from the The Christmas Attic album

·        "Boughs of Holly" from the The Christmas Attic album

·        "Requiem (the Fifth)" from the Beethoven's Last Night

·        "Wizards in Winter" from the The Lost Christmas album




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