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Putting together the toughest athletes in the world, hockey is a contest of pure will and skill. From the iconic games of the Stanley Cup Finals, to the Winter Olympics, NCAA Tournament, and the Boston Beanpot, hockey unites countries all over the world on the frozen battlefield.

A true international sport hockey is played in nearly every country in the world with the best uniting under the NHL flag. Whether you love the game-winning slapshot or a brutal check from an enforcer, the action of ice hockey cannot be missed. Order your hockey tickets from!

Event Venue Date/Time  
US Hockey Hall of Fame Game Orleans Arena
Las Vegas, NV
Sat, Oct 27, 2018
7:00 pm
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With roots in the late 1700s, hockey is one of the oldest sports in North America and Europe. Starting as a brutal game with little rules it would take centuries to define modern hockey. Passed down through generations, hockey has always kept to the fundamentals of skill, teamwork, and aggression. While sportsmanlike and a modern sport spectacle, hockey is still a contact sport. With the hardest hits in any sport on the planet, hockey has never backed down from tradition.

The world capital of hockey, Canada, was the birthplace of modern hockey in the mid-1800s. Hockey would quickly spread around the world from the Great White North, catching fire in Europe and the United States in particular. The International Professional Hockey League founded in 1904 was the first of many professional hockey leagues. The National Hockey League (NHL) would be founded in 1917 and would be instrumental in expanding the sport of hockey to markets all over the world.

Men’s and women’s NCAA Hockey has also been a landmark achievement for the movement of hockey to the masses. With many tournaments including the NCAA Ice Hockey Tournament and the Boston Beanpot being big draws, NCAA Hockey has become a tradition with a fanatically dedicated following. Olympic hockey has also put the game on a world stage and provided a symbolic athletic masterpiece with the “Miracle on Ice” at the 1980 Olympics that has gone down as one of the best moments in the history of sports.

The future for hockey at all levels looks bright. With a superstar in Sidney Crosby that brings back memories of the legendary Wayne Gretzky, the NHL has found new life. The NHL’s Stanley Cup Finals has become the benchmark for modern professional sports as well. From the action of the NHL to the NCAA and every league in between, hockey is sure to thrill. Order your hockey tickets from today! 

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