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Online Ordering

Our Worry-Free Guarantee assures that
1) Your tickets will arrive in time for the event,
2) You will receive the tickets you selected, and
3) Your tickets will be genuine.
Yes, credit card transactions are processed through Network Solutions, and all information is transferred using 128-bit SSL encryption.
Orders are usually processed within twenty-four hours of submission. Please note that no orders are processed on Sundays or holidays.
Most tickets ship within 24 hours of order placement.

Your Ticket Order

The tickets we advertise are owned by independent third parties. These sellers set their own prices based on market conditions for the specific event, which means tickets available on the secondary market almost always cost more than the amount printed on the ticket ('face value').
We market tickets to thousands of events worldwide, but we don't own all those tickets. They are generally owned and priced by independent sellers. We stay in business by earning a small commission from the seller of the tickets purchased and by collecting a standard service charge from our buyers based on their order amount.
Since we participate in the free market, the prices our sellers set for their own tickets may fluctuate right up until your payment is made. In most cases, orders can be completed at the original advertised price, but neither we nor our order fulfillment partners have any control over fluctuations in the market.
What you see will usually be pairs or greater even numbers of tickets for sale, as this is the most common way they are handled by sellers. Odd numbers, especially single tickets, are harder to get and so may be more expensive to obtain. Tickets are available only as listed, but please call us at 866-353-5167 if you don't see the quantity you are looking for online.
The tickets we offer on our website are the combined inventory of many different sellers, nationwide. Each seller is responsible for accurately entering and updating his or her own inventory. Many sellers have to do this by hand, so their inventory is not displayed 'in real time.' That means you could see and order tickets that have already been bought by another customer.

Don't worry though! If the set of tickets you order has already been sold, our order fulfillment partners will call you immediately, and in most cases they are able to find tickets comparable to the ones you requested at the same or a similar price. Please be sure you supply valid contact information so that issues can be handled quickly, as the continued availability of comparable substitute tickets cannot be guaranteed.
We are unable to take pre-orders because we cannot make an honest guarantee that we will be able to acquire tickets before they are available for purchase.

If you would like to be notified when the tickets you want become available, please log in and provide us with e-mail contact information. Your request would be for information only and would not obligate you to purchase anything.
If you are looking for a larger quantity of tickets than you see available on our site, please call 866-353-5167 to inquire if we may be able to satisfy your needs. We will look into the options available, dependent on ticket availability for the particular event you want to attend.
Please call 866-353-5167, and let's talk about your company's needs.
All customer invoices are sent by email. Email is also used to send you additional details about your order.
Because the inventory on our website is posted by sellers nationwide, ticket availability must always be confirmed. After confirmation, you will receive an invoice by email from the order fulfillment partner who confirmed your order. Please note that in most cases, your credit card will be billed by a third party, and not Anytickets LLC.
If you have already set up a customer account with us, you will need to log in to view your order status. If you're having trouble logging in, please make sure that:
  • Your "Caps Lock" key is not depressed - passwords are case-sensitive.
  • You have typed your user name correctly - user name is the email address you provided us when ordering or registering with us.
  • You have entered the correct password, correctly spelled. Passwords are case-sensitive, must be at least 6 digits in length, and may contain letters, numbers, and symbols.
If you're still having trouble, use the "Forgot your password?" link in the login form. Enter the email address associated with your account in the form provided, and instructions for resetting your password will be sent to your email account.

How to Pay for Tickets

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner's Club, and JCB credit cards. Visa check and debit cards can often be processed as well, although you may need to check that your daily spending limit is higher than the amount of your purchase.
Due to time constraints in securing your tickets for you, we are unable to accept payment by personal or bank check, cashier's check, or money order.
Because most payments are processed by an order fulfillment partner, we are unable to accept cash payments.
In many cases we can look this information up for you, and if you have any gift certificate credits available for use, we are happy to apply them to your next order. Please call us at 866-353-5167 to speak with a representative who can give you more precise information.

Replacements and Refunds

Because neither Anytickets LLC nor any of our partners are the original issuer of the tickets we advertise, our order fulfillment partners are unfortunately unable to refund customers for tickets that they have already secured to fulfill your order. In the event of an error, every effort will be made to resolve the problem by finding you reasonable replacements at no extra charge - if there are no comparable substitutes, you will be offered the option to cancel your order and receive a full refund.
When you receive your tickets, keep them in a safe place. Unfortunately, tickets cannot be replaced if they are lost, stolen, or damaged, and thus should be treated the same as cash. Please note that direct sunlight and heat can damage some tickets.

Getting Your Tickets

When you place an online order, please note that you will not receive a confirmation by email until the order is confirmed. Therefore, it is important that you print and save the information provided in your order summary after you've placed your order. If you are not sure that your order has been completed, please check the methods you provided for contact - our order fulfillment partners will always email you an invoice when your order has been processed, or, if an issue arises and you cannot be contacted by other methods, you will be contacted by email to discuss the details of your order.

In some cases, orders are processed but tickets are not ready to ship because the original ticket issuer has not yet printed and sent out physical tickets to the event at the time you place your order. In this case, you will receive an estimated date of shipment.
To check your order status, you must contact the order fulfillment partner responsible for filling your order. For contact information, please refer to your printed order summary or your online order summary.
Unfortunately, no shipments can be picked up on Saturday to be delivered on Sunday or Monday. Since our order fulfillment partners are closed Sundays, they will be unable to make other arrangements for Sunday events unless contacted before 12pm the preceding Saturday.
Our shipping providers cannot deliver to PO Boxes, so orders cannot be processed when only a PO Box is provided. In this case, our order fulfillment partners have probably already tried to contact you for a valid shipping address - please contact them immediately if you think your order may not have been processed due to an invalid shipping address.
At this time, we can only ship tickets to addresses in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, United Kingdom, and, Australia. The shipping address has to match the billing address listed on the purchaser's credit card.

Canceled and Rescheduled Events

If your event gets canceled, with no rescheduling, you will be issued a refund for the total cost of tickets (including service charges, but not shipping). Tickets to canceled events must be returned within 14 days for tax purposes, and your refund will be issued upon receipt of the tickets. Please contact our order fulfillment partners, if they have not already gotten in contact with you, so that they can provide you with a prepaid return shipping label.
If an event is postponed, the tickets will be honored for the rescheduled event date. New tickets will not need to be issued. As costs cannot be recovered on tickets acquired specifically for you, no refunds can be issued for postponed events. If you are unable to attend the event on the rescheduled date, we suggest you try reselling your tickets on eBay or CraigsList.

The Ticket Marketplace

The tickets we advertise come from individuals and third-party sellers. Tickets are not acquired until you order them, at which time they are bought in specifically for you.

Event Ticket ProtectorSM by Allianz Global AssistanceSM

The most frequently asked questions about Allianz Global AssistanceSM Event Ticket ProtectorSM are answered below. If you have additional questions regarding coverage, please contact Allianz Global Assistance by phone at 1-866-456-3102 or by email at Representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you.
Allianz Global Assistance Event Ticket ProtectorSM offers you peace of mind with an event ticket purchase by insuring you against unforeseen circumstances. If a traffic accident, medical issue, jury duty, or other covered reason prevents you from attending the event, 100 percent of the ticket price including taxes and shipping charges is returned to you.
You need event ticket protection because it insures your financial investment of the event tickets including taxes and shipping costs (up to the amount of your policy limits) should your event be cancelled for a covered reason.
The insurance component of Event Ticket ProtectorSM provides reimbursement for 100 percent of the ticket price including taxes and shipping charges.
Right away! You can purchase insurance up until the day before you attend your event, but we recommend you purchase as early as possible to have the greater peace of mind that comes with knowing you're covered.
Yes. Every insurance plan contains restrictions and limitations. Pre-existing medical conditions are one of these limitations. For more information, please refer to the Certificate of Insurance/Policy for the limitations, conditions and exclusions that may apply, or contact Allianz Global AssistanceSM at 1-866-456-3102 to receive more detailed information.
Yes. Event Ticket ProtectorSM must be purchased separately for each event. After receiving your Confirmation Statement, there will be a button to return to the home page so you can complete information for another event. Your information will auto-populate, except for your credit card information (for security reasons).
No. Be sure to contact Allianz Global Assistance directly to make any changes and/or cancellations to your event ticket protection. Our satisfaction guarantee allows you up to ten days from the purchase date of insurance to cancel your protection plan and receive a full refund of premium, as long as you have not already attended the event or filed a claim. No refunds shall be paid after the ten days. However, if you do have to cancel your event, make sure you review your Certificate of Insurance/Policy.
No. Event Ticket Protector coverage will only refund prepaid, non-refundable payments if you have to cancel for a covered reason. Covered reasons include sudden medical emergencies, death of a family member or traveling companion, felonious assault, traffic accident while in route to the event, being called for jury or military duty, or having your home rendered uninhabitable. Please see the Certificate of Insurance/Policy for a complete list of covered reasons, limitations, conditions and exclusions that may apply. Please note that no benefits will be extended for cancellations due to business obligations or simply changing your mind.
Contact the Allianz Global Assistance claims office at 1-800-334-7525. The claim specialist will let you know what documentation (see the Certificate of Insurance/Policy for specific information) will be required and will send you a claim form. The claims office is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Event Ticket ProtectorSM is purchased directly through Allianz Global Assistance, the ticket provider's preferred supplier. All policy documentation will be sent directly to you from Allianz Global Assistance.
The insurance coverage from Allianz Global Assistance is provided under a master policy that's issued by BCS Insurance Company. BCS is rated A- "Excellent" by A.M. Best and Company ( ), a well-known expert in the insurance industry. Your insurance comes with certain limitations and exclusions. Please refer to the Certificate of Insurance/Policy for complete details.