Tiger Stadium History


Death Valley has gone from a 12,000-capacity stadium to a 92,000-capacity American landmark over its long history!

Tiger Stadium: Born on the Bayou

Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Tiger Stadium was opened in 1924, where the small venue only allowed a crowd of 12,000 people with LSU Tigers tickets to see their Bayou Bengals in action. As the LSU Tigers grew in popularity and the university itself gained more fame, the size of Tiger Stadium was gradually increased. It took decades with quick construction occurring during the LSU Tigers' offseason. After the addition of multiple decks, rows, and concrete, Tiger Stadium eventually evolved into the 92,000-capacity marvel it is today.

Tiger Stadium: Deaf/Death Valley

Fans with LSU Tigers tickets constantly sell out Tiger Stadium and have done so for generations. When at maximum capacity, Tiger Stadium becomes the seventh largest city in Louisiana! With the old-school design and the metropolis of fans, Tiger Stadium earned the name "Deaf Valley" for the pure sound that can be produced by the crowd. Many times in LSU Tigers history, the deafening crowd is so loud that it can shut down offenses and force penalties on linemen and receivers who cannot hear the snap count.

The "Deaf" eventually evolved into "Death" and the name Death Valley stuck. The name is appropriate as Tiger Stadium and its crowd often eat LSU Tigers opponents alive. Death Valley is a tense atmosphere for visiting teams at night as the shadows cast from the lights above and the thousands upon thousands of fans with LSU Tigers tickets bombard their senses. The decibels really get ratcheted up when hated rivals like the Auburn Tigers or Florida Gators come to town.

Tiger Stadium: Fans Get Involved

LSU Tigers tickets to Tiger Stadium give fans a chance to be a part of one of the biggest events in college sports. An LSU Tigers game in 1988 truly turned into a seismic event in the famous "Earthquake Game". The LSU Tigers were down 6-0 to the Auburn Tigers with only a few seconds left when a last-second touchdown pass gave the Bayou Bengals the victory. The response to this rivalry victory was so strong from the crowd that it was measured as a small earthquake by the LSU science department.

Even Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow has felt the power of Tiger Stadium. In 2007, Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators came into town to face Glenn Dorsey and the LSU Tigers. Fans with LSU Tigers tickets had gotten a hold of Tim Tebow's cell phone number, and the quarterback had been prank called a few thousands times. As the game wore on, Tim Tebow taunted the crowd and the record-setting audience of 92,910 fans ripped into him. The stunning crowd reaction helped the underdog LSU Tigers come back from a large deficit, and the victory helped the LSU Tigers win the National Championship.

Tiger Stadium: Home Cooking

The LSU Tigers have been 54-8 while playing at home since 2000. LSU Tigers coaches like Nick Sabin and Les Miles have been fortunate to have so many fans on their side. With a crowd that can literally cut up an opponent's playbook or ruin any game plan, the advantage of Tigers Stadium to the LSU Tigers makes Death Valley perhaps the best stadium in college football and adds a whole new dimension to the game. But no matter how Tiger Stadium is constructed, the real power comes from the dedicated fans with LSU Tigers tickets that give Tiger Stadium its claws.

Tiger Stadium: News/Current Events

Over 24 million fans have made the pilgrimage to Tiger Stadium, and in 2008 fans still flock to Death Valley. As the LSU Tigers try to defend their BCS National Championship in the 2008 NCAA football season, Tiger Stadium and its crowds will be a bigger battleground than ever before. The LSU Tigers will have their biggest home game in 2008 when the Alabama Crimson Tide roll into Baton Rouge.

Not only are the Alabama Crimson Tide ranked No. 1 in the nation, but they are coached by Nick Sabin. Nick Sabin has earned a special place on the bad list for fans with LSU Tigers tickets. Nick Sabin jumped from the LSU Tigers to the Miami Dolphins and then to the hated Alabama Crimson Tide. With Nick Sabin returning to Tiger Stadium for the first time, Death Valley is sure to be packed as fans from every corner of Louisiana give their former coach a hardy Bayou Bengals welcome.

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