Andre Johnson Biography

Andre Johnson slices through defenses and breaks records with speed and the heart of a champion.



Andre Johnson: High School Star

Andre Johnson has always been the best athlete in every program he has been a part of. The groundwork for his awesome athletic career was laid at Miami High School, a feeder school for the Miami Hurricanes and the NFL as a whole. While there, Andre Johnson not only excelled at football at the wideout position but also ruled the hardwood in basketball and burned up the track as one of the best track stars in Florida. The triple-sport athletic career made him a perfect fit for the Miami University Hurricanes.

Andre Johnson: The U

Andre Johnson was fortunate to be a big part of one of the best college football teams ever put together, the 2001 Miami Hurricanes. The all-star team paired Andre Johnson with future fellow NFL Pro Bowlers like Ed Reed, Clinton Portis, Jeremy Shockey, and Jonathan Vilma. Andre Johnson would lead the 2001 Miami Hurricanes to the BCS National Championship and was the MVP of that game.

Football was not enough for Andre Johnson, and he also ran track for the Miami Hurricanes. Recognized as one of the fastest men in the entire NCAA, Andre Johnson racked up many track trophies for the Miami Hurricanes as well. The mix of pure athletic talent and real football skills was enough to make Andre Johnson one of the most highly regarded players in the 2003 NFL Draft, and he was assured to be a Top 5 pick.

Andre Johnson: 2003 NFL Draft

USC Trojans QB Carson Palmer was sure to go No. 1 in the 2003 NFL Draft, but Andre Johnson was almost guaranteed to be the second overall pick thanks to his college and combine performance. Instead of Andre Johnson, the Detroit Lions used their pick on Carlos Rodgers, one of the many iconic wide-receiver busts picked by Matt Millen. The Houston Texans were more than happy to take Andre Johnson at the No. 3 spot. Fans with Houston Texans tickets cheered as they had a franchise receiver to team with young QB David Carr.

Andre Johnson: 2003-04 NFL Seasons

Andre Johnson wasted little time signing his contract and got into camp immediately. Andre Johnson blew away David Carr and the Houston Texans coaching staff with his natural ability and his heart. A great chemistry developed between David Carr and Andre Johnson, and the pair was looked upon as the building blocks for a franchise by fans with Houston Texans tickets. In the 2003-04 NFL season, Andre Johnson fell just short of the 1,000-yard receiving mark but his potential to eclipse that mark was limitless.

David Carr and Andre Johnson truly hit their stride in the 2004-05 NFL season as their football relationship grew. Before the eyes of the NFL and the Houston Texans faithful, Andre Johnson evolved into one of the best players in the entirety of the NFL and established himself as an uncoverable force in the passing game. As teams double teamed Andre Johnson, the Houston Texans offense was able to get a running game going with Domanick Davis. Easily breaking the 1,000-yard receiving mark, Andre Johnson was selected to his first NFL Pro Bowl.

Andre Johnson: Enter Kubiak

The 2005-06 Houston Texans season was viewed by fans and the NFL as a total disaster. After steadily improving over the past few years, the former expansion team Houston Texans fell apart and finished with an abysmal 2-14 record. Injuries to Andre Johnson and Domanick Davis neutered the Houston Texans offense and David Carr continued his decline. Head coach Dom Capers was replaced by former Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak. Fans with Houston Texans tickets salivated at uniting Andre Johnson with Reggie Bush from the 2006 NFL Draft.

Andre Johnson: Pro Bowl Return

Reggie Bush did not come in the 2006 NFL Draft, but Gary Kubiak made it a point to get Andre Johnson the ball as much as possible. The arrival of rookie TE Owen Daniels gave David Carr another target and opened up more of the field for Andre Johnson. With a great offense to work with and Gary Kubiak calling the plays, Andre Johnson exploded on the NFL and gained a reputation as the top receiver in football. As the face of the Houston Texans franchise, Andre Johnson again made it to the Pro Bowl with another 1,000-yard receiving season.

Andre Johnson: Matt Schaub

The Houston Texans parted ways with David Carr and traded for Atlanta Falcons backup QB Matt Schaub. It took a while for Andre Johnson and Matt Schaub to develop a chemistry, and the Houston Texans struggled at first. Andre Johnson was nicked up a bit and was forced to miss a few games. When he was healthy though, Andre Johnson returned to his old form and destroyed any defense in his path, much to the delight of fans with Houston Texans tickets. Houston Texans backup QB Sage Rosenfels often got playing time and connected with Andre Johnson right away. Andre Johnson had a career-best eight touchdowns in 2007.

The 2008 NFL Draft gave Andre Johnson and the Houston Texans plenty of help in the forms of LT Duane Brown and RB Steve Slaton. Duane Brown provides great protection for Matt Schaub so Andre Johnson can get deep down the field and has more time to get open. Steve Slaton provides both a running game and a receiving threat that drags safeties into the box. Now Andre Johnson is able to be the piece of a winning puzzle instead of a lone All-Pro.

Andre Johnson: 2008 Season

The Houston Texans had a rough start to the NFL season but fans with Houston Texans tickets have taken heart in the clutch victory over the Miami Dolphins that was sparked by the brilliant play of Andre Johnson. The Houston Texans have four big offensive pieces to build around in Steve Slaton, Owen Daniels, Duane Brown, and Andre Johnson, and the sky is the limit for their production. With all the help to draw away attention, Andre Johnson is on track for the best year of his career.  

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