Cirque du Soleil KA History


Cirque du Soleil KA uses a mix of pyrotechnics, acrobatics, and a captivating storyline to fuel audience wonder and emotion.


Cirque du Soleil KA: The Story

Cirque du Soleil KA is a gripping tale of love, celebration, and self-discovery. Set in an ancient Asian society, KA Cirque du Soleil centers on a pair of "imperial twins," one male and one female. When enemy archers kidnap one of the twins, the two are separated at the prime of their youth and must undergo all the trials and tribulations of self-discovery. Cirque du Soleil KA retells the twins' encounters as they discover the true power of fire and its ability to either destroy or illuminate.

The KA Cirque show is brought to life by 80 international artists. KA Cirque du Soleil transcends time by incorporating a number of multi-cultural aspects into the performance, including the thrills and action of martial arts from all over the world. To perfect the astonishing acrobatic performances Cirque du Soleil KA used Taiwanese martial arts choreographer Yung Biau Lin, who had childhood experience with the Chinese Opera, which trains youngsters in gymnastics, acrobatics and martial arts as well as performance skills such as mime and dance.

Cirque du Soleil KA: New Direction

The $165 million epic Cirque du Soleil show KA marks the creation of an all-new entertainment medium: the live movie-theater that uses the language of cinema. Cirque de Soleil shows in the past have relied on abstract forms of telling a particular story to encourage different audience interpretations. However, in KA Cirque du Soleil, the creators deviated from the normal format by making the plot easier to understand. This makes the story of Cirque du Soleil KA more straightforward than past Cirque du Soleil productions.

Another new direction Cirque du Soleil KA takes is its stage choices. Inside Las Vegas' MGM Grand KA theatre, Cirque du Soleil KA does not use a traditional stage but instead relies on rotating floating platforms which move with the performers on top. The 50-ton floating stage also sprouts poles for the performers to climb. During the KA Cirque show, scenes flow from one to another, seamlessly changing perspective as the stage transforms to an underwater point of view.

Cirque du Soleil KA: Technical Credits

A number of technical credits for Cirque de Soleil KA are worth mentioning because of the enormity and intricacy of each portion of the show. The Cirque de Soleil KA stage was designed by British architect Mark Fisher and the structural design of the stage platforms were designed by New York engineer Mal McLaren. Every KA Cirque de Soleil performance includes a team of over 300 technicians. Cirque de Soleil KA technical director Dave Churchill says that many times the technical crew felt they were attempting the impossible being able to make this show run twice a night, five times a week. For every Cirque de Soleil KA performance there are at least 100 technicians watching every step of the show for technical cues and moves, all of which the audience never sees.

Dave Churchill says the KA Cirque de Soleil team is still refining their methods but overall every show becomes more like a well-oiled machine for fans with Cirque du Soleil tickets to marvel at and enjoy. For a real behind-the-scenes look at the production of Cirque du Soleil Ka, fans can purchase the "KA Extreme!" DVD, which shows videos that document how the creative production team brought this story of imagination and inspiration to life on the MGM Grand KA Theatre stage.

Cirque du Soleil KA: Music

Off-stage, KA Cirque du Soleil tickets feature a band that accompanies the acrobatic show. Musicians in the Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil KA show sometimes perform their solos in full costumes and on stage. There are two voices in Cirque du Soleil KA - both provided by a female, one mezzo-soprano and one alto. The music of KA provokes intense emotion through themes of emergency, tranquility, and passion. Composer René Dupéré noted that the music of Cirque du Soleil KA is "timeless with an African flavor." The soundtrack to Cirque du Soleil was released in October of 2005 and featured all of the music from the show. After or even before you buy KA Cirque du Soleil tickets, be sure to pick up the KA Cirque du Soleil music CD, which includes a few bonus "inspired by" tracks which are tracks inspired by different songs on the album.

Cirque du Soleil KA: CD Track List


O Makunde










Love Dance



If I Could Reach Your Heart (inspired by 'O Makunde')

We've Been Waiting So Long (inspired by 'Shadowplay')

Reach For Me Now (inspired by 'Deep')

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