Trans Siberian Orchestra Members

Discover the minds, voices, and instruments behind the Trans Siberian Orchestra with Trans Siberian Orchestra tickets!


Trans Siberian Orchestra: History

The Trans Siberian Orchestra was founded on the principle that music could bring cultures together and bring peace at times of strife. With millions of Trans Siberian Orchestra tickets and albums sold around the world, the theory appears to be a sound one. But the Trans Siberian Orchestra cannot bring its message to its fans without the many musicians, writers, and vocalists that make every acclaimed show possible.


Trans Siberian Orchestra: Composers

Producer Paul O'Neill is the original visionary behind the Trans Siberian Orchestra, and he put the entire plan together from scratch. Using his connections in the world of Rock and Classical music, Paul O'Neill has been able to get the best musicians in the world to join together on one stage. Anyone who has owned Trans Siberian Orchestra tickets know that the concerts Paul O'Neill puts together also have powerful visual and theatrical aspects that bring the songs to life.


Singer Jon Oliva is perhaps the best musical mind of the three original Trans Siberian Orchestra composers, and his decades of experience as a frontman for Savatage has given him a perspective on showmanship and live performances that no other composer can possibly comprehend. The lyrics and compositions of Jon Oliva have powered a ton of great Trans Siberian Orchestra songs like "Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24" and "Christmas Canon Rock".


Literal genius producer/composer Robert Kinkel is the final part of the original Trans Siberian Orchestra brain trust. Having made music for decades with the best performers in the business and having built reputation as a skilled songwriter, Robert Kinkel was a nice halfway mark between Paul O'Neill and Jon Oliva. This founding trio had no idea how many Trans Siberian Orchestra tickets and albums their little project would sell.


Trans Siberian Orchestra: Vocalists

Dozens of vocalists rotate through the Trans Siberian Orchestra from various tour dates and albums. This eclectic cast of musical performers ranges from soloists to full-on orchestral choirs. Trans Siberian Orchestra songs may not have many lyrics, but every word is brought to life by classically trained vocalists. Fans with Trans Siberian Orchestra tickets are always treated to beautiful arias and pure vocal performances.


The beautiful singer Jennifer Cella is perhaps the best known vocalist of the Trans Siberian Orchestra. Jennifer Cella is the lead for the biggest single hit "Christmas Canon Rock". With a booming voice and supermodel looks, Jennifer Cella puts a very pretty face on the Trans Siberian Orchestra. Fans with Trans Siberian Orchestra tickets have also experienced the aura of beautiful female singers like Vali Porter, Steena Hernandez, and Christie George as they showcase opera-quality voices and Hard-Rock power.


Jon Oliva is not only a lead composer in the Trans Siberian Orchestra, but he also provides lead male vocals to many songs. Experienced Hard-Rock singer Jeff Scott Soto has been the breakout male vocalist for the Trans Siberian Orchestra and is joined by other veterans of the Rock scene like Andrew Ross and Jay Pierce. A Trans Siberian Orchestra concert would not be complete without narrators, and Tony Gaynor and Bryan Hicks help move the complex narrative forward for every show.


Trans Siberian Orchestra: Musicians

Featuring full orchestras and entire jam bands, the musicians that breathe life into every Trans Siberian Orchestra concert are a varied crew that embraces styles ranging from Metal to Classical and every bit of music in between. The backbone of the Trans Siberian Orchestra's Rock section is Chris Caffery, Johnny Lee Middleton, and Jeff Palte, who all played with Jon Oliva in Savatage.


The lead-guitar master and favorite of fans with Trans Siberian Orchestra tickets is Al Pitrelli. Al Pitrelli has previously studied under Dave Mustaine in Megadeth and has played with the legendary Alice Cooper and Sebastian Bach. The guitar artistry of Al Pitrelli provides the signature sound to the Trans Siberian Orchestra, and he really shines in instrumental pieces like "Wizards in Winter".


Mark Wood leads the meshing of Classical and Metal as the "String Master" of the Trans Siberian Orchestra. With a musical pedigree that surpasses even some European masters, Mark Woods unites all of the 60-plus touring musicians to form a cohesive string attack on the senses. "Keyboard Duals" featuring the likes of founder Robert Kinkel play well with the guitars and strings to make every show different and amazing for fans with Trans Siberian Orchestra tickets.


Trans Siberian Orchestra: Tour

All of the members of the Trans Siberian Orchestra are coming together for the 2008 Winter Tour. As the biggest even in Christmas Music, the Trans Siberian Orchestra Winter Tour always sells out venues from Canada to California. With two versions of the Trans Siberian Orchestra on the road, tour dates are a rare sight but are now available to more people than ever. Catch the Christmas experience live with premium Trans Siberian Orchestra tickets from today!



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